Our Company has started service with name of Kardeşler EMS at Kartal Çavuşoğlu Industrial Estate, in 1976. Now, we have been servicing with our new name which EMS Elektrik Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Company at Pendik Industrial Estate since 1992.
From the day which it was set up EMS the choice management system which it made become and a family company which becomes institutionalisation at your target which make expand and which make develop the at needs direction services at the sector until the today.

1976 , was started to the AC-DC Low Voltage Motors’ maintenance and to its repair.

1979, was started to the Dry Type Transformers' maintenance and to its repair.

1985, was started to Electromagnets’ maintenance and to its repair.

1993, WAT Electric Motors Sales Franchise agreement.

1994, was started to the down to 3,3 kV and the all power Electrical Motors’ winding.

1996, Was started to the dry type transformer manufacture.

1997, Was started to the Electromagnet manufacture

1999, was started to the down to 11 kV Electrical Motors’ full winding.

2002, owing to the new workshop were set up, our work area enlarged two times. also two winches were set up.

2004, Quality management system was launched to build.

2005, eligible to receive ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate .

2005, Femsan DC motors as a service of TSE 12842 Service Proficiency Certificate.

2006, Was started to the Electromagnet manufacture to lifting pipe and sheet iron.

2006, eligible to recevice ISO 14001.2004 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001.1999 Workers' Health and Safety Standards with the adaptation documents.

2006, started to set up new factory to the between 3-11kV motors’ maintanence and to its repair for IRAQ Ministry of Industry’s Company AL-WARIZYA at Baghdad.

2007, 12 personal who engineer and a technician level, will work at the factory to the O.G. material election and practice education was given in 30 day period.

2007, Van der Graff drum motors Turkey’s authorized service agreement

2008, Used in the ÜLOMSAŞ and DE24000 locomotive motors’ armature bobbin to subcontracting manufacturing agreement.

2008, EN-VER Working Group membership Energy Efficiency of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration.